Public Works

Public Works Team:

The public works team is committed to a high level of service. The team consists of Public Works Foreman: Sid Wilson, Operator: Todd Mclaren, Seasonal Employees:  Ivan Hicks and Don McMillan.

Duties include:


  • graveling and grading the roads;
  • installation and maintenance of culverts;
  • road construction;
  • spraying of noxious weeds;
  • mowing grass.

*The speed limit on all Municipal roads is 80 km/hr unless otherwise posted.


Equipment & Shops:

Dust Control:The RM provides the preparation and application of dust control for any resident requesting this service. The RM will share the cost of dust control

Weight Restrictions:

In the months March to late April there are weight restrictions imposed on vehicles traveling on RM roads. The spring road weight restrictions are as follows (from section 35(1) of “The Highways and Transportation Act, 1997”):

  • Steering Wheels – 10.0 kg per mm (560 pounds per inch) width of tire (manufacturer’s stamped dimension) to maximum weight of 3000 kg (6,612 pounds) on a wheel; to a maximum of 5,500 kg on the steering axle (except for straight trucks on primary highways which are allowed up to a maximum of 7, 250 kg on the steering axle with appropriate tire size);
  • Other wheels – 6.25 kg per mm (350 pounds per inch) width of tire (manufacturer’s stamped dimension) on any wheel to a maximum of grater1, 650 kg (3, 638 pounds) per wheel.


Overweight Permitting:

All overweight permitting will be handled by Province and State Permitting Inc.  Please contact them @ 1-877-547-4095

Office Hours (Monday - Friday)

  • 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.