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The Planning and Development Act, 2007 (the P&D Act), provides municipalities with the framework to provide for orderly and structured development in all municipalities, both urban and rural, in Saskatchewan. It is important that the documents and bylaws that the P&D Act authorizes municipal councils to use in order to control and manage development are both current and relevant.

With this in mind, the council of the Rural Municipality of Moose Jaw No. 161 has engaged a planning consultant, Tim Cheesman, to assist in developing and creating a new OCP, and conduct a review and revision of our existing Zoning Bylaw. Mr. Cheesman has an extensive planning background in Saskatchewan, has a knowledge of the Moose Jaw District and has successfully and creatively worked with R.M. council on planning and development issues in the past. Mr. Cheesman has assembled a team to assist him, which includes Dwight Mercer, who brings an extensive and impressive resume with him, including an engineering background and time spent as an employee of the Saskatchewan Water Corporation. The team will also be creating new mapping to accompany and compliment the new OCP and revised Zoning Bylaw.

Part of the process of creating the new OCP and conducting the Zoning Bylaw review has been assembling a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), with a mandate to provide expert advice and comment on the process and final documents. The TAC includes representatives from the City of Moose Jaw, 15 Wing – CFB Moose Jaw, local provincial government department representation including Highways & Infrastructure, Environment and Agriculture, public health representation from the Five Hills Health Region, local and provincial watershed representatives and others including input on behalf of the Moose Jaw Municipal Airport.

As the work progresses through the latter half of the year 2010, relevant background and research documents will be posted on the website under the ‘Planning and Development’ tab, and as well, draft copies of the new OCP and any proposed Zoning Bylaw changes will be posted. Mr. Cheesman welcomes the input of you, the property owners and ratepayers of the Rural Municipality of Moose Jaw No. 161, as well as the input of stakeholders and those with a vested interest in the development of the area surrounding the City of Moose Jaw. Mr. Cheesman’s contact information is set out below – please do not hesitate to contact him with your input. As well, contact the Municipal Office at any time for discussion in this regard.


Mr. Tim Cheesman, Planning Consultant

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