2015 Dust Control Program


The R.M. of Moose Jaw No. 161 is again offering a cost-share program on the application of dust suppressant. In 2014, the RM of Moose Jaw contracted Fort Distributors for the application of a dust control suppressant called Magnesium Chloride in a few test areas on municipal roads. The company applying the product claimed the road could be lightly graded as required after application, in order to prevent potholes, etc. This product is well known in the south-east, as it is used in several municipalities with heavy oil truck traffic on primary weight roads.

Fort Distributors offered the RM the option of applying the product in a number of test locations in a variety of conditions including areas that sustained slow speed and heavier traffic including trucks and faster heavier traffic with a variety of light and heavy vehicles. Council was pleasantly surprised at how well the Magnesium Chloride held up, especially having the ability to grade the roads. I am sure you will agree that while dust control is a benefit to our rate-payers, it should not come at the expense of having a dangerous pot-hole filled road surface.

Therefore, please be advised, that Council has made the decision to exclusively offer the Magnesium Chloride as the sole dust control agent for the municipality. As such, we will not be applying the DL10 on any roads within the Municipality. You will also note the cost for this dust control agent is nearly 25% less than the previously used DL10, but also with the added benefit of a gradable surface.

Please note the following with regard to the Magnesium Chloride product:

  • The total cost of application for a 500-foot long by approximately 24-foot wide (two 12’ applications, side by side) is approximately $1000.00 or greater, depending on the size/length of the area. Cost share to participants for 2015 regarding a “standard length” will be 50% of that estimate or $500.00. Participants requiring three 12’ passes/applications due to the width of the road (i.e. Caribou St. West) will be offered the service at the same cost as if only two 12’ passes were required.
  • Cost share arrangements will be pro-rated where less or more than 500-feet in length are required/requested, or where only one 12’ pass on the road is required/requested.
  • Where a third party agrees to participate due to extra traffic caused as a result of that party’s use of particular roads, any third-party funds will be taken into consideration in the cost share arrangements.
  • Where a group of adjacent/contingent ratepayers-residents chooses to participate, the municipality will work with that group in order to facilitate the dust control program.
  • Please note that Council and the Municipality make no warrantees or guarantees of the quality of the dust suppressant product or application, or of the length of time that a product may sufficiently act as a dust suppressant, at any time, or in any way, shape or form.

Please return the “Dust Control Form” (attached) to the municipal office NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, MAY 15TH, 2015 indicating whether or not you wish to participate in the cost share dust suppressant program for 2015. Should you choose to participate, pre-payment is required. If your site or situation is non-standard, please contact the municipal office to determine the cost to you given your unique circumstances.

Thank you for your cooperation. 


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